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2019 Publications

序号 论文名称 期刊名称 联系作者
1 High air-stability and superior lithium ion conduction of Li3+3xP1-xZnxS4-xOx by aliovalent substitution of ZnO for all-solid-state lithium batteries Energy Storage Materials 肖睿娟
2 Lattice Dynamics and Contraction of Energy Bandgap in Photoexcited Semiconducting Boron Nitride Nanotubes ACS Nano 李建奇
3 In-situ visualization of lithium plating in all-solid-state lithium-metal battery. Nano Energy 梁天骄,王春生,李泓
4 Safe lithium‐metalanodes for Li−O2 batteries: from fundamental chemistry to advancedcharacterization and effective protection Batteries & Supercaps 黄佳琦,张强,禹习谦
5 Exploring reaction dynamics in lithium-sulfur batteries by time-resolved operando sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy Chemical Communications 李峰,王芳卫,禹习谦
6 Stabilizing the Oxygen Lattice and Reversible Oxygen Redox Chemistry through Structural Dimensionality in Lithium-Rich Cathode Oxides Angewandte Chemie International Edition 禹习谦,谷林,杨万里,王芳卫
7 Experimental measurement and analysis methods of polycrystalline X-ray diffraction for lithium batteries Energy Storage Science and Technology 禹习谦
8 Structural and mechanistic revelations on high capacity cation-disordered Li-rich oxides for rechargeable Li-ion batteries Energy Storage Materials 禹习谦,李泓,王芳卫
9 A P2/P3 composite layered cathode for high-performance Na-ion full batteries Nano Energy 徐赛龙,郭玉国
10 Reconstructed Orthorhombic V2O5 Polyhedra for Fast Ion Diffusion in K-Ion Batteries Chem 鄢俊敏
11 Anomalous metal segregation in lithium-rich material provides design rules for stable cathode in lithium-ion battery Nature Communication 禹习谦,杨晓清,Huolin L. Xin
12 Improved electrochemical performance of Li(Ni0.6Co0.2Mn0.2)O2 at high charging cut-off voltage with Li1.4Al0.4Ti1.6(PO4)3 surface coating Chinese Physics B 张杰男,禹习谦
13 Influences of carbon coating on the electrochemical performance of SiO@C/graphite composite anode materials Chinese Physics B 禹习谦,李泓
14 Trace doping of multiple elements enables stable battery cycling of LiCoO2 at 4.6 V Nature Energy 禹习谦,刘宜晋,李泓
15 Approaching Practically Accessible Solid-State Batteries: Stability Issues Related to Solid Electrolytes and Interfaces Chemical Reviews 禹习谦,李泓
16 Local structure adaptability through multi cations for oxygen redox accommodation in Li-Rich layered oxides Energy Storage Materials 禹习谦,Ying Shirley Meng
17 Surface-to-Bulk Redox Coupling through Thermally Driven Li Redistribution in Li- and Mn-Rich Layered Cathode Materials Journal of the American Chemical Society 胡恩源,Jun-Sik Lee, 刘宜晋
18 Artificial solid electrolyte interphase based on polyacrylonitrile for homogenous and dendrite-free deposition of lithium metal Chinese Physics B 禹习谦,李泓
19 Batteries with high theoretical energy densities Energy Storage Materials 李泓
20 A dual-phase Li–Ca alloy with a patternable and lithiophilic 3D framework for improving lithium anode performance Journal of Materials Chemstry A 李晶泽,王影,李泓
21 Interpretation of anode material standards for lithium ion batteries Energy Storage Science and Technology 李泓
22 Lithium metal batteries capable of stable operation at elevated temperature Energy Storage Materials 李泓
23 Practical Evaluation of Li-Ion Batteries Joule 李泓
24 Liquid phase therapy to solid electrolyte–electrode interface in solid-state Li metal batteries: A review Energy Storage Materials 黄佳琦,莫一非,许晓雄,李泓,张强
25 Li-free Cathode Materials for High Energy Density Lithium Batteries Joule 李泓
26 Practical evaluation of energy densities for sulfide solid-state batteries eTransportation 吴凡,李泓
27 Liquid-involved synthesis and processing of sulfide-based solid electrolytes, electrodes, and all-solid-state batteries Materials Today Nano 吴凡,李泓
28 Advances in Electrochemical Stability of Sulfide Solid-state Electrolyte Journal of Chinese Ceramic Society 吴凡
29 Research and Development of Advanced Battery Materials in China Energy Storage Materials 李泓



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